Holland Park Meet Up

14 July 2015

In February Ella Ruth organised a photographer meet up in Holland Park. It was incredibly cold (even if it doesn't seem so), but it was still so lovely to meet so many new photographers and see what they come up with and how they shoot. After spending half a day in a freezing park (which most of the others didn't notice I'm sure, as everyone was so into what they were doing) we went to a pub for some drinks.
I didn't actually take a lot of pictures (mostly backstage images of other people shooting) and I don't know everyone's links, but what I do know is that Ella is really awesome and you should check her pictures. It was so nice to meet her again!
And I also met Mari-Ann Curtis that I knew on the internet for awhile, so it was nice to actually meet her, check out her flickr stream.
I wish more gatherings like these would happen, I'm probably not the one to actually organize something like that myself..

Agne and Agata

31 May 2015

Models: Agne and Agata @ Ruta model management
Make up: Dovile Tiriute

Back in December I went back to Lithuania for few weeks to spend the holidays with my family and see my friends (and it was the best as usually), and I was doing much during then, but I did manage to squeeze in a test shoot with these two lovely new faces a few days after Christmas. My sister had some make up courses (and has been doing quite well since then!), so I used the opportunity and had her practice with me on the shoot. It's going to be pretty useful to have a make up artist so near when I go back to Lithuania again!

Which make up look is your favorite?
I always love a bit of sixties/ Twiggy inspired make up, and the smoky eye + pink glitter look towards the end of the post is another unexpected outcome I really liked!

teenage witch

30 April 2015

It's a story about a teenage witch, who was so excited by all her new abilities, that she cast too many spells and brought on storms and mists upon her town. She made beauty and love potions and impatiently drank them all without any worry, but her recklessness caused strange mushrooms to grow from her pretty locks.

We did this shoot back in Lithuania, in the beginning of Autumn (or end of summer?), so I'm really back-logged with all the shoots, sorry! I have a part time job and it's been quite busy there past few months...

Editorial came out in Superhero magazine, you can take a look at the feature here.
MUA: Greta Remeikyte
Model: Ruta Vaketaite

Crystal necklaces were kindly lent by Make Heads Turn.  

Some of the images are taken on film with my Canon AE-1

Family Affairs

28 March 2015

Back in the summer I shot my mother's wedding. Which is definitely a strange thing to be part of, but I'm kind of already experienced in it (few years back I shot my dad's second wedding too..). I only took pictures of the ceremony itself, but it was definitely a lovely day and I hope they'll stay happy for the rest of their lives.

They all fall out your heart

20 February 2015

This is a shoot we did last March (wow, I'm awesome at updating everything quickly..) on a really cold, but sunny and lovely day, and it just came out as an editorial on Homework Magazine and can be seen here.
Always a pleasure to work with this lovely team! 

Photographer: Ailera Stone
Stylist: Nhuc Tran
Make Up Artist: Leah Mabe
Model: Ginka Lazarova

Clothing by Sugar and Style.

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