Sugar & Style Lookbook 2015

30 October 2015

This year I shot two lookbooks for Sugar & Style with two gorgeous girls and here are the results! For all the clothing go check their website.
How awesome is this girls hair? I have curly hair myself, but this is something else!
These are some images from the second lookbook we shot with the gorgeous Sorcha Piotrowski.
Which piece is your favorite?
for more images

the wind that gets stuck in autumn's hair

24 September 2015

Autumn Photoshoot with Gintare by Ailera Stone
Last autumn I had a shoot (it could be called yearly by now) with Gintare, and this is it, she's all grown up now. So strange to realize how many years have passed! This was probably our quickest shoot ever and it took us probably only 30 minutes, because it just got dark and I knew I'd leave Lithuania soon and won't have a chance to shoot with her for a while. Since we shot so many times I wanted to go for something completely different that I never do for her and we went for a really dark autumn (and slightly gothic) theme, which involved me doing a not so good job with her make up (in my defense I had to do it in like 3 minutes). And we both agreed that make up that is this dark doesn't really suit her that much, but it was interesting to try. She also cut most of her hair, so it's definitely a different look for her.
What do you think?
The flower full-cap was lent to us by Make Heads Turn.

Devilstone 2015

31 August 2015

So I went to Devilstone festival back in Lithuania again and it was really fun, as always.  You can check pictures from last year in the post on Devilstone 2014. This year there were loads of good rock bands, as well as Katatonia, so there were plenty to hear and plenty dressed up people to take pictures of (definitely wasn't boring this year). I took a lot of pictures again, so take a look at what that weekend was like.

Alien Observer

09 August 2015

Photography AILERA STONE
Hair & Make-up GAILE JUKNYTE
Model AMI / PRM
Styling Assistant LETIZIA GRANDE
Editorial for Old Tat print magazine and Material Girl magazine online.

It's been over a year since we shot it, but there were so many images from it, that every time I planned to put it on the blog, I got overwhelmed and gave priority to other things I really needed to do. It pretty much took me two days to put this into a post on Behance and finally here (website is next). So sorry I'm so rubbish at keeping up with everything! I now have a bit more time on my hands and sorting out my blog (more often, regular updates for it) is definitely one of the main things on my list. Look forward to a life update post where I'll tell you where I've been mostly gone for half a year.

   When we shot this editorial, it was a bit of a hectic day, because we had many outfits, got ready at one place and then shot at two different locations that required us to take buses or tube. Also, a lot of the outfits took quite a lot of space, where difficult to get into or were surprisingly heavy! But it definitely was very useful to have an experience like that to know what to expect and be prepared for anything in the future shoots. The fashion in this might be a bit different from what I usually do, but I really love these designers and how colourful and fun and dreamy it all is, I've wanted to use a lot of these for a long time! This shoot features Clio Peppiatt, Phiney Pet, Manish Arora, Cassandra Verity Green, Jessica Shaw, Danielle Richards and more.
   I actually had a moodboard for this shoot for like a year or even two before it finally happened, and possible shots for it went through my mind every time I listened to "Alien Observer" by Grouper, which is such a dreamy song. So the story is mostly what's in the song and it's lyrics:
"going to take a spaceship
fly back to the stars
alien observer in a world that isn't mine
Except I'd like to think that my alien got the happy ending and even if it was daunting and strange and scary to be stuck on Earth, she was quickly won over by awesome things we have like ice cream, lollipops and trees.
I also have film, polaroid shots and behind the scenes shots, but I'll post those later as this post is already incredibly picture heavy (I added a "read more" button to declutter the main blog page, but there are more images once you click on it).
Let me know what you think of the shoot!

Holland Park Meet Up

14 July 2015

In February Ella Ruth organised a photographer meet up in Holland Park. It was incredibly cold (even if it doesn't seem so), but it was still so lovely to meet so many new photographers and see what they come up with and how they shoot. After spending half a day in a freezing park (which most of the others didn't notice I'm sure, as everyone was so into what they were doing) we went to a pub for some drinks.
I didn't actually take a lot of pictures (mostly backstage images of other people shooting) and I don't know everyone's links, but what I do know is that Ella is really awesome and you should check her pictures. It was so nice to meet her again!
And I also met Mari-Ann Curtis that I knew on the internet for awhile, so it was nice to actually meet her, check out her flickr stream.
I wish more gatherings like these would happen, I'm probably not the one to actually organize something like that myself..
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