Aisling @ PRM agency

30 January 2016

Back at the end of the summer I did a test shoot with two gorgeous PRM agency girls. I already posted the first part, portrait shoot with Tasha, and this is blog post is all about the second girl, Aisling.
Whan I got some girls sent from the PRM agency, I instantly knew that I want to shoot with Aisling so much (you probably know by now that I'm obsessed with freckles) and she was as great as I imagined she would be, it was really a pleasure to work with her and Tasha as well. Aisling brought all the clothing she's wearing herself and it was really spot on to what I wanted, so thank you for that! 

Model: Aisling Burke @ Paulo Ribeiro management
Make up: Jesse Walker
And thanks to my awesome friends, who let us shoot in their lovely house (with great lighting which is really hard to come by in London). 

Which outfit or image is your favorite?

Beauxoxo Autumn 2015

18 December 2015

In October I shot for the cutest hair accessories brand around again - Beauxoxo lead by amazing Georgie.
This time we worked with the loveliest Olivia Purvis of What Olivia Did. I love her blog and wanted to shoot with her for awhile, so it was so nice to finally meet her!
We took pictures around pastel streets of Notting Hill and took a few shots in front of Biscuiteers which is the cutest shop with amazingly decorated biscuits.
Georgie also made a short behind the scenes video if you are curious to see how the day went.

Which images and accessories are your favorite? Have you been to Notting Hill and Biscuiteers before?
for more images

Tasha @ PRM agency

29 November 2015

At the end of the summer on a day with pouring rain we did a test shoot with two lovely girls from PRM agency and amazing and patient make up artist Jesse Walker. This is the first part of the shoot with one of the new faces, Tasha. Despite of a lot of things going wrong that morning and us finally starting the shoot two hours later than we were supposed to, it was really nice, the sun came out later on as well and I'm glad I had a chance to meet these girls and work together (especially after realizing that me and the models were all either vegetarian or vegan! Always awesome to get some tips.)
 These are all digital, but I shot a few on film as well, I'm going to do a film blog post soon!

Model: Tasha McKim @ Paulo Ribeiro management
Make up: Jesse Walker
And thanks to my awesome friends, who let us shoot in their lovely house (with great lighting which is really hard to come by in London).

Which image is your favorite/which look suits Tasha the most? I love copper/brown/red shades so much during autumn and I think Tasha looks amazing in it!

Sugar & Style Lookbook 2015

30 October 2015

This year I shot two lookbooks for Sugar & Style with two gorgeous girls and here are the results! For all the clothing go check their website.
How awesome is this girls hair? I have curly hair myself, but this is something else!
These are some images from the second lookbook we shot with the gorgeous Sorcha Piotrowski.
Which piece is your favorite?
for more images

the wind that gets stuck in autumn's hair

24 September 2015

Autumn Photoshoot with Gintare by Ailera Stone
Last autumn I had a shoot (it could be called yearly by now) with Gintare, and this is it, she's all grown up now. So strange to realize how many years have passed! This was probably our quickest shoot ever and it took us probably only 30 minutes, because it just got dark and I knew I'd leave Lithuania soon and won't have a chance to shoot with her for a while. Since we shot so many times I wanted to go for something completely different that I never do for her and we went for a really dark autumn (and slightly gothic) theme, which involved me doing a not so good job with her make up (in my defense I had to do it in like 3 minutes). And we both agreed that make up that is this dark doesn't really suit her that much, but it was interesting to try. She also cut most of her hair, so it's definitely a different look for her.
What do you think?
The flower full-cap was lent to us by Make Heads Turn.

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