01 February 2012

London is drowning and I live by the river

Model: Maria Dagyte
Assistant: Austeja

One wonderful October afternoon I met up with Maria and Austeja in Camden Town and had a lovely and fun photo shoot. It was Sunday, so one of the busiest days in Camden, the tourists kept standing in a way and they were constantly taking pictures of us, but it was entertaining for us too.

Now some shots that were purely for fun (and some behind the scenes)

I also have to say that Maria is one of the most cheerful and charming people I had pleasure to meet and I think that's definitely visible in these pictures. :}
Austeja (who helped us a lot) and Maria


  1. These are so lovely! I like that people were taking pictures of you taking pictures :)

  2. Wow très très jolis portraits :)


  3. I regret not visiting Camden when I was in London, it looks like such an interesting place. Great photos! They're full of energy and fun-ness :)

  4. Adriana, you should definitely visit it the next time, I love that place.:}

  5. Kokį objektyvą ir aparačiuką naudoji?
    Mėgstu viską Tavo nuotraukose, modeliai dažniausiai kvapą gniaužiantys

  6. Canon 5D Mark II ir 50mm f/1.4
    Ačiū. :} Modelių ieškau pastoviai, ir šiaip sekasi, kad tiek gražių žmonių aplink mane.

  7. omg ! so many beautiful photos. definitely magazine worthy!
    i can't help but notice the model's beautiful clothes as well.
    beautiful styling also :)


  8. Victoria,
    Ką turi galvoje, sakydama "filtrus"? Jei turi galvoje uždedamus ant objektyvų, tai ne, savais būdais darau.

  9. labai grazu, kaip kadrai is filmo:)

  10. These photos are really beautiful, love them! You are really inspiring, u know that? :)

  11. I think your blog is definitly my favourite !

  12. Loving these shots! funny enough the one where she's sticking her finger up is the funniest! really cheeky feel to it!

    x Rebecca


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