To share Autumn. Twelve.

Silent echo beneath my feet and cold breathing of the evening in my ears.
I devour whiff of the freezing wind and it flounces in my tired body. In the distance I feel uproars of the streets, but here - it's the Ninth Ice-age. I am being chased by someone I never knew, I'm in a hurry though no one even notices I am near.

October 20, 2006 - Friday


And I crawled on my knees, and I gathered all the dew that he abandoned. Drop by drop.
drop by drop.I thought that I will return it one day. That I will return it all. But he doesn't wait and never did.
Twelve colored leaves on this dirty path. Twelve steps and none of them back.

For the minute all was frozen. Only full moon, only clouds in the eyes till you forget everything.
I'm thinking. and I'm growing dark.

I. am. the Moonlight.

i will be the sky.

October 8, 2006 - Sunday

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