sun of the elves, singing pt. 3

The last part from Ieva's photoshoot.
Make up, photography and edit by me.
If photos look kind of blurry, click on them to see them in full quality. They lose it, when I make them smaller here in blogspot.
Backstage later here or on facebook, I will leave a link.

And hey, tell me which ones you like the most (post a links), I want to put up a few more in flickr and deviantart.


  1. beautiful shots! the model is gorgeous
    i especially like the last few black and white ones, they're very nicely done

  2. Oh wowowowowowow I love these! My favourites would be...

    they're beautiful!

    Do you mind me asking what lense you work with?

  3. Mostly 50mm f/1.4 (in all of these), though I have 50mm f/1.8 and a wider ones, but it's my mom's so I can't remember exactly.

    thank you both. :}}


    and the second one (the first black and white picture), but I've to tell you I love each picture you put on here. (Maybe the 13th picture is the one I like the less...not because of the picture, but because of the expression of the model, she looks a bit my opinion)

    Great pictures! can't wait to see the backstage!

  5. thank you. :}
    I thought about the 13th before uploading, but I put it up anyway, because I often like weird faces and there is something that I like about it, maybe the motion or that she was actually trying to get her hair right.

  6. Nice pics Beib,,
    It's awesome..!!


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