Romuva 2010

rowan girl

So after a week I'm back from the camp, it was my fourth time there. It's called "Romuva" and it's for people who are interested in the old, (ancient) baltic religion.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]
“Eiliom susedom” Lithuanian folk song sang by me and my friends in a camp. Try looking at the photos while listening to it. I couldn't keep microphone farther from me, so voices are not equally loud. If there is an error while connecting, try refreshing, it plays after that.

sacred apples

all the universe between your fingers
shaman's offering. water with magical powers;
in the morning mist folds our tiredness

this was one of the rare times when I let someone take a picture of me ;D
Kriste took it.


  1. This is magical! Was it always sunset there?! I just love this post, I can't believe you go on camps like this, wow wow wow!

  2. Gracie,
    No, not always, hah ;D
    But I just took photos mostly at the sunsets. :}
    It's really magical there, a unique feeling.

    Chelsea, thank you, indeed, the lightning was wonderful. :}

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  4. ;DD IR tu vis dar neseki šito blogo, tik kitus kažkodėl, ir kartais čia užsuki :D

    joo, ilgai tūsinaus, kol įdėjau tą įrašą, nes jo formatas yra kaip video :D
    aš šiaip dar daugiau turiu gi tų, ir dar iš vakarėlio.

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  6. I am Pagan and I think it's a very good word :-D

  7. well, a lot of "pagans" avoid it/don't like it, because that was not how the people of old religion called themselves, it's the word the christians used, and they used it having a negative meaning in mind (it was like a synonym to "savages"}.
    I don't really care that much, it's just a word, but I try to be careful with it, as some people can get offended.


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