Dream Weaver

Model Gintarė Šiulytė. She's only thirteen years old. :} (A friend of my sisters, I found her in my home ;D)
Photography, edit and make up by me.

I think in some Lindgren's story was a woman, who spinned dreams, that dim picture stayed with me until now and I had to use it. But of course, everything can be my own imagination, I'm not sure anymore, it happens a lot ;D


  1. Wowowowowow I love these photos!!!

    You inspire me so much!

  2. Thanks so much, that's definitely one of the nicest things to hear, ever!

  3. what camera you used, taking this photos?

  4. Wow she is ... very very pretty!
    Oh my good, she's a dollish! (LL)
    I love your photos..

    A kis.

  5. Well, I'm not surprised your camera is Canon... I simply love Canon! ^^ <3

  6. Wow, is this kid for real? Or did you capture her in the forest? Seriously, those anime eyes make her look so magical. Excellent photos, by the way...


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