how we burned down my sauna and other fun in summer

So I just keep thinking that my photography sometimes doesn't give a right idea about what kind of a person I actually am. Since this is my blog, I thought I will be posting some more personal stuff from the past (and in the future). :}
For those who are not interested in it, sorry, new photos will come soon enough. :}

Some most eventful parties happened during the summer of 2009. On Vika's birthday (she was one of my first models and a best friend) we went to my countryside for 3 days. It was incredibly fun: bonfires, songs, nights and misty dawns, but on the third morning we woke up (though we just went to sleep ;D) from strange strange noises, though we didn't realize what's happening, all of us thought that we were dreaming.
So, yeah, it was the sound of flames licking the wood and roof.  and we burned down my sauna. Completely. I haven't been that scared in my whole life, I thought all of my countryside will turn to ashes, but thanks to some nice firemen everything ended quite well.
 some of us infront of a brilliantly red fire engine.
this is what's left of my sauna.
 some of us cried.
the others thought it was funny.
the firemen
But before all this happened, we did have such a great time!

And after this, I still say, LIVE WILDLY. unless it's not worth it.

I love love all the misty dawns there, it's always so beautiful. :}


  1. Oh, great story, although not very pleasant with that fire thing... :-/ But nevertheless, it seems you had a wonderful time, and everyone look cheerful! ^^
    Oh, sorry, but I've been following you for 3-4 days now, and I'm not quite sure about where you're from. :-?

  2. I'm from Lithuania, it's a small country in Europe near the Baltic Sea. :}
    Thank you for following!

  3. that last photo is so beautiful! sounds like a lot of fun! and also... ridiculously scary :p

  4. Gracie,
    Haha, yes, our feelings were mixed up too. ;D
    Though Vika was scared and cried the most, because it was her birthday and she kind of felt responsible for my sauna. ;D Me, on the other hand.. I cried, because I was terrified, but then I just ran around everyone taking pictures ;D It's just a pity we didn't film it with a camera ://

  5. Shame about the fire :( But the photos are amazing. :)

  6. Haha, of course I know Lithuania! Haha, you explained it to me like neither have I learned geography in school, nor have I minimum general knowledge... And by the way, I'm from Bulgaria... sooo yeah, I'm at least familiar with the European countries. :-D ;-)

  7. You wouldn't believe how many people don't know that Lithuania exists ;D Yeah, most of them is not from Europe, but when someone from Europe don't know it, it's quite sad. :}
    I've only been to Bulgaria when I was like 11 years old, don't remember much from the trip. :}

  8. LOVE your header, so dreamy and fairytale-like!

  9. mineord,
    thank you!! wasn't sure about it. :}

  10. Ohhh, that really surprised me! :-D ... I'll write asap so we'll talk more of that via e-mails! ;-)

  11. this looks like you were having some real fun in summer ;) Lovely collection pictures describing your funtime :)


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