New year, new camera

So happy new year!
First of all, I have a new camera, finally. 5D Mark II. I don't know how long I've been saving for it. ;D
My New Year's party was amaaazing,
this is me Before and After it. ;D (yeah, on the left one I'm holding my new camera. :}} )

So now some pictures from Christmas,
My room,

My sister Dovilė. :} 

My sister Ugnė and my cousin Dorothy

Pictures from my London trip with Vika. Summer 2010.
We met some amazing people there.
London Zoo. I liked this weirdo. :}}
ahh, big kitties. ;D
I wanted this dress, 

And some more exploring in Vilnius, also from summer.
Mykolas, one of the best ;P
weird fingers and beautiful rain 
My room again.

my film camera. :} (zenit e)
my sister. she's reading Harry Potter! (HP forever,)


  1. Congrats in your new camera! I just bought myself a 5D right before Christmas, and I adore it :D

  2. oooo so excited to see what you do with the 5D! congrats!

    I love the photo of the hand and the rain. super love the fun things in your room too. I've been looking for skeleton keys just like the ones you have for a while now. did you find them in a thrift store or just get them passed down to you or something?

    happy new year to ya!

  3. yay harry potter! i got a new camera too! well done! some lovely pictures there :)

  4. Congratulations on getting your 5D II....that's in my future plans. Your photos are one of a kind!
    Sveikinimai ir su Naujais Metais!

  5. Thank you all! :}

    Laura, I got those keys from my mum, I'm not sure where she bought them. :}

  6. wow, your pictures are amazing. Love your new camera!

  7. koks atradimas tamsta! Labai gražios nuotraukos ir labai faina, kad esi suradus savo stilių, ko aš niekaip negaliu padaryti. Sėkmės dideliausios.


  8. Ačiū labai, Ieva!
    Dar bręsta, bręsta tas stilius, įdomu kas po kažkiek metų su juo pasidarys. :}

  9. I simply had to write a comment, because your portfolio is AMAZING! I'm so stunned, I can't remember the last time I came across something so magical.

    I've saved a couple of my favorites to publish on my blog MrFreckles ( - I'll of course link to your portfolio. Just thought you should know. :)

    Keep up the fantastic work, I'll keep watching!

    xx Freckles


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