New website, Ugne and Zydre

So I realized that I didn't announce my new website in here;
Go, take a look and tell me what you think. :}}

In February I had a commissioned shoot with these girls (Ugne and Zydre), they're musicians and needed some pictures for their concerts. We had a nice walk through the city, the weather was so beautiful. :}

And I love you all so much for following my work and all the feedback,
I really want to know you and see your work, so if you want you can answer some questions for me :}

Your name:
Your photography (or any other art) page or website:
Where you live:
Favorite band, singer: (you can just give your page if you have one. :} )
Favorite books:
Favorite movie:
Favorite tv show:
Favorite photographers, artists:

My answers
Your name: Aistė. (Yes, Ailera is not my real name.)
Age: 19
Where you live: Vilnius, Lithuania.
Favorite band, singer: Everything you need to know is in, music is everything to me and it's too hard to name just a few bands. (Still: Nine Inch Nails, The Doors, Nirvana, Radiohead, Muse, My Dying Bride, Alice in Chains, Anathema, Kings of Leon, The Cure, Florence + the Machine, this list is too short.)
Favorite books: The Idiot by Fiodor Dostoyevski, The Stranger by Camus, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, A Wild Sheep Chase and a lot by Haruki Murakami, Silk by Alessandro Baricco, The White Shroud by Lithuanian writer Antanas Škėma, Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, Trap for Cinderella by Sébastien Japrisot, Edgar Allan Poe, Alice in Wonderland, The Virgin Suicides, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, a lot of depressive literature (Sylvia Plath, Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel). I definitely forgot tons of good ones, I love to read.
Favorite movie: Dancer in the Dark, Pan's Labyrinth, The Virgin Suicides, Fight Club, The Fountain, Inception, The Black Swan
Favorite tv show: Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Skins, Misfits, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, Buffy
Obsession: Recent one is with Supernatural and I so can't explain it, but biggest one, from my childhood is Harry Potter. Guy crushes: Johnny Depp, Jared Padalecki, Alexander Skarsgård, Ian Somerhalder.
Favorite photographers, artists: Tim Walker, Eugenio Recuenco, Paolo Roversi, Candace Meyer, Bruno Dayan, Gemma Booth, David Hamilton, Nirrimi Hakanson, Mike Bailey Gates, Ann He and all the other young amazing people I'm following everywhere.


  1. here are the first informations you asked for :
    Julie, I live in France, and here is my blog :


  2. Your name: Veronica
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website: (but it's under construction, so you can just check out my blog)
    Age: 20
    Where you live: Norway, but I'll be moving to Britain next fall.
    Favorite band, singer: Wow, hard! To name just a few; Arctic Monkeys, Joseph Arthur, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, The Killers, The Kooks, Wolf Parade, Modest Mouse, Sunset Rubdown, Yeah Yeah Yeah's and sooo many more!
    Favorite books: The Harry Potter books.
    Favorite movie: Again, just a few, or I'd be writing all night; Little Miss Sunshine, The Mummy 1&2, The Orphanage, National Treasure 1&2, Casper, Jumaji.
    Favorite tv show: Buffy, Angel and South Park.
    Obsession: Photography.
    Favorite photographers, artists: I suck at names and stuff, but one absolute fave would be Tim Walker (how original, I know!).

  3. I just had a look at your website and it looks really great! I really love the simplistic layout.

    Your name: Brigitte :)
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website: (but it's more like a personal blog with pictures than a photography blog..)
    Age: 17
    Where you live: Sydney, Australia
    Favorite band, singer:
    Favorite books: Most picture books
    Favorite movie: Stardust
    Favorite tv show: Neighbours
    Obsession: Aquariums, the ocean (in summer AND winter), snow
    Favorite photographers, artists: nirrimi hakanson, jeannine tan, lucia pang, george downing, ann he, victoria smyrniotis, christina tsi, julia trotti, jysla kay, nikoline (i'm not sure of the full name), shalamah tautaiolefue, cristi lópez

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  4. Your name: June
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website: and
    Age: 19, 20 in two months
    Where you live: North Norway
    Favorite band, singer:
    Favorite movie: I have so many favorite movies! But to mention some; Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Lion King, Pan's Labyrinth, Alice In Wonderland (the cartoon and Tim Burton), Girl Interrupted, Fight Club, Amelie, Sin City ++
    Favorite tv show: Dexter, Weeds, Six Feet Under, True Blood, Californication ++
    Obsession: Animales! <3
    Favorite photographers, artists: I don't have any favorites, I get my inspiration from all around (:

  5. your name: lulu
    your photography site:
    where you live: everywhere, england the last 5 days, asia before that
    favourite band: so many...white stripes, racontours, killers, florence + the machine, stereophonics, yeah yeah yeahs, modest mouse...
    favourite movie: pans labybrinth, catch me if you can, black swan, tim burton films, true story films
    favourite books: perfume, sophie's world, twilight and photography books
    tv show: true blood, gossip girl, heroes
    obsession: photography
    favourite photographers: juergen teller, wolfgang tillmans, nirrimi hakanson, nan goldin, corrine day and lots of blogs

  6. Your name: Emily
    Your photography site: (i've just started so there isnt much on it right now)
    where you live: London
    favourite band: florence + the machine
    favourite movie: titanic, love actually, the chorus and many others
    favourite book: just henry
    tv show: friends
    obsession: writing, photography, fashion and design
    favourite photographers: Ailera Stone! (seriously you're amazing)

  7. Veronica,
    *Wow, some wonderful pictures you have there, I love the make up. :}
    *Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, The Killers, The Kooks, Yeah Yeah Yeah's!!
    *Harry Potter.. It's a really important thing to know about a person, an instant like! ;D
    *The Orphanage was really good, one of my favorite from mystery/horror genre.
    *Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention Angel in my list.;D Though it's definitely not as good as Buffy in my opinion, but I just had to watch it since Spike returns there.
    *And so what, Tim Walker is a genius and the fact that so many people say that he's their favorite photographer just proves that he's that unforgettable and good. :}

    thank you!
    *Stardust was lovely, I love movies like that, inspiring. :}
    *I've only been to the ocean once :// You're lucky! :} And I want to go to Australia someday so badly.
    *I love a lot of photographers you mentioned, I'm going check out the others, thank you!

    *You have some interesting projects and ideas!
    *I loved Norway, it's so beautiful there.
    *Muse, Manson, Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Florence + the Machine, Korn, do you mind if I add you? ;D
    *I didn't mention American Beauty, Girl Interrupted and Sin City, but I love them. :}
    *True Blood! I saw only few episodes of Californication, so I don't know if I'm watching it further, but it's quite entertaining.

    *So many beautiful dresses, light, lovely!
    *I love all of your mentioned bands, except Stereophonics and Modest Mouse, but it's just because I never came upon their music. Yet.
    *Also I like all your mentioned movies and tv shows. :}
    *I loved Perfume and Sophie's World!
    *Going to check out some of your mentioned photographers. :}

    Thank you all for answering!

  8. Emily,
    *London is one of my favorite cities.
    *Florence + the Machine, Love actually! And Titanic is a classic. I haven't seen The Chorus though.
    *Friends is one of my favorites, such a good times! I wish I haven't seen all of the seasons, I need some entertainment..
    *And wow, I'm so so flattered, really, thank you! (hug)

  9. Your name:Taya
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website:

    Where you live:Cyprus
    Favorite band, singer: Taylor Swift, Maroon 5
    Favorite books:The Book Thief, Secret Of the Sirens, Tom's Midnight Garden, and so many more
    Favorite movie: Pan's Labyrinth and Coraline
    Favorite tv show:none
    Obsession:Photography and chocolate
    Favorite photographers, artists: You, Kitty Gallannaugh, Nirrimi Hakanson, and Laura Kok

  10. Taya,
    I remember you, you're very sweet. <3
    *Coraline was really great, very inspiring. I wish I could go to a place like that, only for a little while though, because it gets bad. ;D
    *Yes, chocolate! I had to mention that, I need a lot of it.
    *Thank you, thank you! (hug)

  11. My name is Milla and my photos & words are posted here:
    I'm soon to be 30 years old, I know, I'm old ;)
    I live in a town called Oslo in Norway but I'm originally from the beautiful town Haugesund, where Harald Fairhair the first king of Norway is buried ;)
    My all time favorite band is Korn, I've been a fan since I was 15 years old, but my favorite song is Gently by Slipknot.
    Favorite books: The historian by Elizabeth Kostova, The graveyard book by Neil Gaiman and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
    Favorite movie: The Goonies, Lord of the rings and Transformers
    Favorite tv show: Criminal Minds and Eureka
    My obsession at the moment is the ps3 game Dragon Age (1 and 2)
    Favorite photographers, artists: you, Tim Walker and Donald McCullin

  12. Hi! My first time here (a new follower) and I still can't believe how dreamy your life is! Makes me wanna go to Lithuania!

    Your name: Claradevi :)
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website: Age: 21
    Where you live: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Favorite band, singer: She & Him, Florence & The Machine, The Beatles!
    Favorite books: Fairytales books. The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett still my all-time favorite by now!
    Favorite movie: The Sound of Music & Grease
    Obsession: wild flowers, forest, sun-flares, rivers, dogs, everything vintage.

    Hope to see you again!
    Clara xx

  13. PS : I feature you as my Friday-Favorite blog this week! If you wanna take a look, here's the link :
    Friday Favorite : Ailera Stone

  14. nice shoot stone, i just follow this blog :)

  15. Name: Rachel
    New Jersey, USA
    Band: Flyleaf
    Books: anything by Jane Austen [classics!!]
    Obsession: Winter :] and anything vintage-y

  16. wow i just found you a couple days ago (my cousin *a thousand words* sent me a link to your website)

    i looove your work!! it is amazing!!

    name- rebekah
    band- tenth avenue north OR taylor swift OR lee dewyze
    books- anything shannon hale
    obsession- editing and taking photos!

    i look at your blog every day.. it is dreamy! :D

  17. Your name: Roxa David
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website:
    Age: 13, almost 14
    Where you live: Romania
    Favorite band, singer: (you can just give your page if you have one. :} : Well,i like lots of singers and other, but let`s say: Mike Oldfield, Coldplay, Paramore, Evanescence, Katie Melua etc.
    Favorite books: I love reading, but I don`t have a favorite book. I like How I Became Stupid by Martin Page for example.
    Favorite movie: Transsiberian
    Favorite tv show: I don`t watch Tv since a long time ago...
    Obsession: Photography, Writing, Reading, Dreaming etc
    Favorite photographers, artists: Alexandra Sophie, Metin Demiralay, etc

  18. Milla,
    You so don't look like you're thirty. :}
    it's so beautiful in Norway. :}
    *I used to listen to Korn and Slipknot when I was a lot younger. Old times. ;D
    *I love Tolkien and Lord of the Rings!
    and thank you so much :}}

    Wow, Indonesia, I wish I could visit it someday. :} You have a lovely blog and you dress nicely.
    *Love all the music you mentioned!
    *ahhh, Secret Garden! One of my favorites from childhood for sure.
    thank you very much for feature, means a lot!

    Thank you, Maya. :}

    I like Austin and other classics too. :}}
    and vintage, love.

    Thank you :}
    Keep obsessing about pictures!

    *Coldplay, Katie Melua! and I used to listen Evanescence when I was younger.
    *I don't watch TV too, I watch tv shows on my computer. ;D

  19. Name: Guoda
    Age: 18
    Your photography (or any other art) page or website:
    Where you live: Gargždai,Lithuania
    Favorite band, singer: Vytautas Kernagis,Norah Jones,Billie Holiday,Morcheeba,Jazzanova,ELO,Phoenix,The Cinematic Orchestra
    Favorite books: Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,The Thorn birds by Colleen McCullough, On the road by Jack Kerouac, In the old manor by Šatrijos Ragana, the book about Vytautas Kernagis "nes nežinojau,kad tu nežinai" by Rūta Oginskaitė, The cherry garden by Anton Chekhov, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
    Favorite movie: Bright Star, Candy
    Favorite tv show: none
    Obsession: Theatre, cacao, photography, dreaming, calligraphy, mysterious old manors,places
    Favorite photographers, artists: Izis Bidermanas, Rooze Mirjan, and ,of course, Ailera Stone

  20. Your name: "Junaluska" [My real name is a secret, for now...]
    Your photography website:
    Age: 17
    Where you live: United States
    Favorite band, singer: Florence + the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Eisley, Above & Beyond, soundtrack and musical songs, and many more artists
    Favorite books: Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby, The Book Thief, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Macbeth
    Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite tv show: How I Met Your Mother
    Obsession: Hmm... My long-lasting obsessions are photography, ballet, horses, folklore, and shoes.
    Favorite photographers, artists: I have too many! But for now I'll just say Anna Horn, Carine Brancowitz, The Sartorialist, and Marc Johns.

  21. *** I forgot to mention Katie Sokoler. She's an amazing photographer! Her blog is here:

  22. Guoda,
    Labai patinka šita šukuosena: :}
    *Morcheeba, The Cinematic Orchestra, Vytautas Kernagis ir Norah Jones patinka ir man.
    *Mažasis Princas, Erškėčių paukščiai, Kelyje ir Meistras ir Margarita irgi galėtų būt prie mano mėgstamiausių.:}
    *Candy tikrai geras, ta scena su aprašinėtom sienom!
    ir ačiū labai. :}}

    *Florence and the Machine is one of my favorites. And I love so many soundtracks too!
    *Forrest Gump is a really good one.:} How I Met Your Mother too.
    *Thank you for the photographers, going to check them out. :}

  23. Ta scena su sienom tikrai ypatinga :} mmmm

  24. Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
    Are you living in Lithuania?
    You are welcomed to visit me at:

  25. tongchen,
    Hey! Thank you. :}
    Yes, I'm living in Lithuania.

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