candles in the wind

Model, make up: Ieva
Photography, edit, styling, hair by me.

So many things went wrong that April day... It was Ieva's last day in Lithuania, so we had to do it, even though weather forecast predicted us a huge storm. I had to pick a different, more convenient place if we had to stop and hide. We were quite lucky, as it didn't rain hard, but the wind was incredibly strong and I wanted to shoot with lots of candles... So this is not what I initially planned, we're probably going to give it another try when Ieva comes back.
I loved that dress in the wind,


  1. beautiful, magical photos x

  2. Too bad things didn't turn out like you hoped, but the result is still quite beautiful! I tried having a shoot with candles some time ago, and it was nearly impossible because of the wind :P

  3. Thank you!
    Veronica, well it still was fun and it's wonderful that even few candles stayed lit.:}

  4. these pictures are so pretty! I love the idea of the candles, they give like a little magical glow, it's lovely (:

  5. Jessica,
    Yes, I love the glow! I'm going to use more candles in the future.


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