let's dance to joy division and celebrate the irony

everything is going wrong,
but we're so happy!

this is a post of my summer fun and parties.
my parents and sisters were away for few weeks, so Victoria moved in with me.
these are from a party, it was 7am and we went to a shop to buy some pizza. ;D (yeah, Vika doesn't need pants..) we had an amazing time that night.
The next day Tadas borrowed Vika's robe with piggies and went to his band practice.

it was such a beautiful evening, we went out to the park with Tadas. 

 we built a huge tent/fort in my living room (as in the movie "The Dreamers") and we slept, listened to music, watched movies there.

Tadas during Deep Purple's "Child in Time". (it's an amazingly touching song as you can see ;D)

This weekend I've been to a metal festival called "Lentpjūvė", I missed metal so it was really nice, I still can't move my neck and I feel like my bones were broken.

"Wulture" on stage.

I slept only for maybe an hour in the festival and had to drive for 3 hours to get home (normally it would take 2 hours, but I didn't really see the road ;D), so we stopped a few times so that I could rest a little. We did a little picnic then.

The same day we got back home we celebrated Victoria's birthday.

julia in the bush. don't ask me why. nothing makes any sense with us.

and  tomorrow I'm uploading a new photoshoot. :}


  1. I love these pictures, especially the ones from the festival, they look so cool (:

  2. thank you!
    it was cool, :} I'm going to more festivals this summer and I'm bringing my camera there too.

  3. sure looks like a super fun summer!!!! how cool!!! the festival looked like a lotta fun! great pics!! (oh and i LOVE that wombats song)

  4. lovely pictures :) the stories behind them make me smile even more :)

  5. J P Anleu,
    thanks! ;D
    and yes, I love that Wombats song so much, it's like a hymn of this summer, an ultimate mood booster. :}

    Oona Vdl,
    Thank you! :}


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