Menuo Juodaragis 2011

First of all - four photoshoots on the way, so be patient. :}}
These are the pictures from another festival, the last weekend of summer and it actually took place in the same place as Rock Nights that I posted pictures from before. The festival is called Menuo Juodaragis, (Black Horned Moon). It's a festival "of post-folklore, alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture" according to it's website.
I think it was one of the best festivals of this summer and maybe even one of the best ever, because the weather was just perfect, I met so many amazing people, so much happened and it was just.. magical. I even wrote poetry after it (and I haven't written anything but prose in a long time).
This is the fire of the opening ritual/ceremony.

Me in traditional Lithuanian folk robe. 

These are the same people and my friends that organize Romuva camp that I always go to. They're probably the main ritual folk ensemble in Lithuania and they organize a lot of Lithuanian feasts and do wedding, baptism ceremonies in the old Baltic way.

People (there were a lot of them) singing and dancing folk songs in three circles.

A LOT of things happened in the festival. This is what's left of the glasses after the night.

These two are my old friends and they are just beautiful people. They are a couple and they create wonderful music together with various weird instruments.

Listen to them if you want to feel a tiny bit of the festival mood.
First one has a really beautiful music video. :} aaah, I just want so much to be in it, on the wooden boat on the lake, dancing and singing around the bonfire...

And this one is just sooo fun (fun begins at 1:00), they're singing it in center of Vilnius, (capital of Lithuania) in the winter night.


  1. Hello!
    I recently found your blog and I am completely entranced by your photography! You have such a great talent that I can not wait to see more of! And the music video is so sweet and magical!

    <3 Amara

  2. Amara,
    Thank you! And I'm so glad you watched the video, I love it, too bad you can't understand the words. :}}

  3. Thanks, Gracie, for your continuous support. :}}

  4. So beautiful !
    Superbes couleurs :)


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