Moving out to London

It's hard to believe, but it's been a week since I moved to London. I'm living in university halls and so far I'm just happy (and just a tiny bit homesick..). I met so many lovely and beautiful people here, I think I will have some of the best times of my life here.:}
These pictures were taken during our halls welcome feast. I thought it will be something simple, but when I woke up I saw a huge carousel outside. There were a lot of other attractions, free food, free drinks, ice cream and even a caricaturist. Also I couldn't believe that the weather was this perfect the whole week, it was freezing in Lithuania.

Also, if someone is in London and would like to meet me, go out for some coffee, write me! :}}
My lovely flatmate Courteney. She's studying fashion.
On Saturday Yasmin and Courteney wanted to do a project for their fashion course (even though it hasn't even started), so we went around some houses that was meant to be demolished and took some photos.
Sophie liked this so much that she took it to her flat. We even went inside the building when some men said that we can, but it wasn't nice in there (various signs "Danger of Death" and terrible smell ;D).


  1. I ALWAYS enjoy *and droll at) your photos! <3

  2. wow how exciting, university in london - i'm kinda jealous!!! what are you studying? all these fashion friends will be so great for photography opportunities!

  3. Jia Ni, nice to know that! :}}

    Yes, so so exciting! Don't know if it will actually be that good, but so far it is. I'm studying photography, of course. :}} And yes, that's what I thought! I know so many potential stylists (and maybe designers) right now. ;D

  4. you moved out to London!??!! thats amaaaazing!!!! its such a big adventure!! the best of wishes to you! a big hug

  5. I'm so jealous, looks like you are having a blast!

  6. i like the mood in your photos, it's so beautiful and natural <3

  7. I didn't know you moved to London! How EXCITING!!! Ar tu planuoji studijuoti fashion irgi?

  8. Your blog is full of amazing photos, I really like them! :-)
    My blog is still searching it's path but if you want to visit
    (it's finnish though)


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