Brighton, Diane Arbus and some more

So awhile ago, in autumn, we went to Brighton with uni task, we had to make a psychogeographical map of Brighton for the History of Art and Design. Some pictures and inspiring things from the trip:

World is really small and I continue to get into situations that proves it. While in Brighton, I accidentally met one of my sister's best friends on the pier. She's from Lithuania and just happened to be there in Brighton that morning. 

 Mia and Sasha in some kind of casino on the pier

Sasha eating a carrot in her orange sweater. Just thought that looked lovely. :}
Found this shop in Brighton, some nice Halloween decorations. Those two vampires is an actual cake, it looked amazing.
Lovely bookshop
Mia and Sasha study Illustration, so they just drew quick sketches for the map on our way. Too bad I can't draw and couldn't do that..
In the induction week all the photographers went to Tate Modern to see Diane Arbus and other exhibitions there. We had to take pictures during the whole day and later the tutors selected 6 best and gave photography books as prizes.
Austeja jumping and trying to catch herself in a huge reflective ball you see in the image below

In the reflection, Domante and Simas, a lovely couple from Lithuania. Both of them are studying photography with me now. (You can see Domante's pictures on her facebook page)
Diane Arbus exhibition, absolutely love her, so happy I went there.

Some more random pictures from the induction week at uni: (I know, I know, I'm always so behind with all the pictures...)
My flatmate Courteney.:}

We got some free Domino's pizza at uni, that could happen more often...

We (me, Courteney and Sophie) went to Brick Lane, but got lost somewhere in Shoreditch..


  1. Haha I love these, especially the one where she's eating a carrot with the orange jumper ;P lovely lovely!

  2. Très belle série de photos, bravo et surtout bonne continuation.

  3. Your pictures are lovely, I especially like the first one :) I love random encounters, that's happened to me a couple of times before and it's just funny how the world reunites people in the most random places and moments.

  4. Rally great pictures! I really love how that bookshop looks <3 + omg! the Halloween store is amazing! I can imagine how much they had worked for such a beautiful and huge cake!
    Awesome work!

  5. I love your pictures!!
    what university do you go to??

  6. Federica,
    I go to Middlesex. :}

    thank you!

  7. I plan to live on day in Brighton <3

  8. The colors in these photos are so stunning! What type of film are you using?

  9. Holly,
    these are not film, haha. ;D
    Taken with Canon 5D Mark II and 50mm f/1.4

  10. Brighton and Diane Arbus in the same article ! Soo coool ! I saw the exhibitions of Diane Arbus in Paris 3 days ago. I stayed 2 hours, I was staring at photographs and thinking : this woman is a real artist who didn't fear to show and to praise all those people who were considered as "weird" or not being a part of the society. She was very brave. And Brighton... this city seems to be out of time, and magic with the lanes. I wish I could go back there :)


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