first of all, I looked through the older pictures, something from the summer which I didn't show here before. I miss summer.
She is Gabriele, one of my best friends. She had a broken leg the whole summer and she lived in a little town nearby, so I rarely saw her.

Metal festival took place in her town, we had a lot of fun. :}

 And these are from the first week of 2012, before I left for London.
This is Vika, which you should have seen in my older pictures quite a lot since she's my best friend (together with a redhead Dovile :} ) and I love her and miss her so much. :/
And the guy is Tadas, he has an amazing voice and sings in an upcoming metal band

Tadas and me


  1. I miss spring more than summer, because summer in my hometown is way too hot, but spring is so perfect, I can't wait for the cold to be gone so I can take pictures outside without freezing my little fingers :)
    Btw, your half-brother is really cute! Cheeks!

  2. Where are you from? Well, summer isn't really hot in Lithuania. In London too. So it's okay, because I can't really stand hot weather too.
    And yes, he is cute! :}}

  3. I'm originally from a beachside city in Mexico, where the weather is warm most of the time, and the summer is unbearably hot. Right now I'm living in France. It's been quite a change weatherwise; instead of sandcastles I'm building snowmen ;)

  4. Your pictures are always so lovely... Love it

  5. Adriana,
    So I don't think it gets that hot in France?

    Babe, thank you! :}

  6. nice photographs, keep up your work!

  7. sorting through old photos not only brings back memories, but also revives views which we have never crafted into a memory. simply because we didn't estimate their worth back then. your half brother is so cute and adorable!


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