mist traveler

story I shot back in August, now featured in SYN magazine http://issuu.com/synmagazine/docs/issuethree
Models: Gintare, Gabija and Joginte
Make up, styling, photography by me.

I think it's the first time when I had such clear and vivid narrative in my head while shooting.

awaken, awaken into the dream, walk through the shadow lands with us, where no air, just fog fills your lungs, until you're sleepy, sleepy and frail.
no use to run, sleepyhead, it never ends. we're here, beyond the grim trees, lurking, and your fear will lead you straight to what you fear the most.
come here, you weary traveler, our faces are the mist, embrace the shadow play and we will become what you seek.
you are one of us now
dance of earth, dance of might, take us into your eternal night
dance of earth, dance of might, take us into your eternal night
dance of earth, dance of might, take us into your eternal night

but I'm bleeding mist
stuck forever in the ghostly reverie
drifting through the ancient forest
with all the arcane sisters

And some more shots that don't fit that much into the story.


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely model as well :)

  2. You are an amazing photographer!

  3. Such an inspiration!
    I follow u.

    Cheers from Peru.

  4. Seriously... This girl is fantastic model. She's amazing!

  5. so beautiful. love every pieces of the photos. you're so great Ailera!

  6. The shot with the three girls holding the purple smoke is AMAZING! Love it!


  7. Oh god ! I love this !!!

  8. this series is so awesome. i love it. <3


  9. such a gorgeous blog with some beautifully magical images :) so happy i stumbled across this :)



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