when I wept, my tears froze into ghostly rivers

Models: Monika @ Image group and Ieva @ modelteam
Stylist: Vaidile Vasiliauskaite

Featured in Atlas magazine.
Shot back in January for uni.

Once upon a time there were two sisters, who had an evil witch for a mother. One day she gave them a bow and made them go into the snowy woods and said not to return without a still body of a white fox. Sisters loved animals, so they couldn't hurt the foxes. Instead they dropped the bow and decided to run away. The witch found out about the runaways soon enough, her eyes glowed red with hatred and betrayal and she just had to hunt them down. First she filled the forest with poisonous fog, but the sisters just became sleepy and didn't stop going. They were running for three days, when the older sister cut her finger on a claw-like branch with long crooked fingers. The younger sister tried to take care of the wound, but only got blood all over her own scratched hands. Sisters began to feel even sleepier and slowly drifted into a deep slumber, never to wake up again. They froze into beautiful ice sculptures and white foxes would sleep in their eternally cold embrace.



  1. I like the first picture a lot :) I remember seeing it in Atlas Magazine and thinking it was magical :)

  2. Beautiful photos, I wish you could shoot me someday haha!

    -Victor xx


  3. That last image... so beautiful!


  4. this is my new favorite fairytale and your photos tell the story so good, i'm totally being blown away !

    1. aw, that's really nice to know, thank you! :}

  5. Jeg liker bloggen og bildene dine så godt

  6. these photos are awesome!!


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