she searched for secrets in the attic

For Sugar and Style (formerly China Doll Boutique) 
Models: Michaela @ Zone models and Sophie Beaty
Make up and hair: Leah Mabe 
Styling: Dario Bentivegna
Location: The House Next Door (Castle Gibson) 

This is a lookbook shoot we did back in May in an absolutely beautiful location named The House Next Door. We had a completely different shoot planned, but when it looked like it would rain the whole day we changed the location at the last moment, which was a bit of a challenge, because I usually shoot outdoors and I had to step out of my comfort zone for this one (and I'm doing that more and more). 
I'm always really happy to work with Nhuc Tran, owner of the boutique, who is the loveliest person ever. I was also really excited to work with the wonderful Leah Mabe, I love her make up work. On the day we shot probably more than 25 outfits and when I got back home in the evening I basically passed out and didn't get up till the next morning.

And some behind the scenes taken by the team:
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  1. Gorgeous, sensible and unique as always...
    thanx for sharing your perceptions with us!
    Shine On!

  2. so jealous you shot here! i've lusted over this location for so long it's always been bookmarked on my computer! absolutely beautiful beautiful images, a really well rounded and intriguing lookbook! x

    1. Thank you! That place is so wonderful!! I would love to shoot there again for my personal work, because I haven't used it to it's fullest, but it's really expensive..

  3. Stunning pictures! You're really great.

  4. Those first couple shots of the brunette... PERFECTION!

  5. Absolutely love the first photo! Hope it is ok that I reblog it:)


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