what was left of the summer

 In August I went to Rock Nights/Galapagai festival. The weather was perfect and it was fun, because we had friends there, but the festival itself was really disappointing and was definitely not Rock Nights at all anymore, more like rap nights.
His t-shirt basically says what I thought about the festival. (he included the word penis in the official name).
Vika (my best friend, who you might remember if you follow me for a long time, she was my first model) bleached and dyed her hair white and then we celebrated her birthday.
And a few instagrams from Yaga festival (follow me at @ailera)


  1. I love these photos! They tell such an amazing story!

  2. Oh lady, you are really and simple amazing! I'm in love with your fantastic art. Ive been seeing your work since a long time ago but i think i never say you that you are one of my favourite photographers, an idol and an inspiration. Thanks you for that. You are magic, irl

    1. oh my, this means so much to me! Thank you thank you for saying that <33

  3. you´re awesome, Ailera. shame the festival wasn´t as you had expected, but at least the photos are great! ^^

    enjoy your weekend!

    stella x

  4. You have an amazing blog!
    Maybe want to follow each other, just let me know :)


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