Autumn Diary 2012

this autumn was one of the hardest times ever for me, I didn't have anywhere to live in London and generally just was not lucky with anything at all. It doesn't really matter anymore, because I lived through it and now it's getting better. These are some pictures of my new London room, will post some more when I'm done, only details for now.

on one foggy morning me and Selene went to some magical bookstores. 
From Tim Walker exhibition, went there two times already. <333 br="br">
two dolls. (the redhead is Katie Eleanor from my recent blog post)
my sister being a hipster for a party
from the summer, when I visited dad
My little brother

Sister and another brother
In October Vetra and two other friends visited me in London
Aaand I went to two gigs. BON IVER:
Bon Iver did the most beautiful version of Re:Stacks with the Staves. Katie and I were so close, in the first row. I filmed it below! Watch it in HD.

I also went to My Dying Bride, one of my favorite bands for many many years
Make the volume low before listening

and a bit from my instagram, follow me @ailera


  1. Great, your pictures are always perfect!!

    -Victor xx

  2. what a beautiful collection of images! the way you capture the world is magical <3

  3. beautiful photos, especially London landscapes !
    I use a Canon AE-1 and love Tim Walker's work, too :D

    1. So we have a lot in common. ;D I only bought Canon AE-1 and haven't shot with it yet, but really excited to try. :}

  4. Even your pictures of the everyday life seem magical, with this particular, enchanted light!
    Your work is really inspiring, it never stops impressing me. :)

  5. Looove those pictures! Beautiful!


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