reckless serenade

  it's a bit different, but we had a lot of fun shooting this one for C-Heads magazine.
See the condensed version there and look further here for more outtakes.
 Bringing back an ache for some simple fun, going back to the childhood, into the lazy summer afternoons when you could just hang around on the playgrounds, do nothing and still be happy. 

Models: Migle and Neda @ RUTA model management
Clothing: Girls Got Caught
T-shirts: Urtė Vosyliūtė




  1. looks like such fun! lovely photos <3

  2. Thank you, all! It really was fun. :}

    1. You have taken exceptional photographs of these gorgeous girls, both girls are enjoying this photography session. Every photographs are looking beautiful. Thanks for sharing this admirable photographs of these beautiful girls.

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