China Doll Boutique

I shot for China Doll Boutique a few more times, but never shared them here before, because these are more of a "new in" shots and it can get a bit repetitive, so I just picked some portraits of lovely model Michaela that I liked and also included some behind the scenes pictures to see how we work to make it more interesting.
You can buy these awesome clothes at
Make up and hair: Leah Mabe
Carrie from WishWishWish came to take some shots for Asos marketplace, some behind the scenes of shop owner Nhuc making pom poms.
 Lovely team.


  1. I knew your blog and china doll boutique separately, was so surprised when I found out you did their photos...
    very nice, somewhat dreamy portraits even though they are very simple. and beautiful models you had, especially the one on the very first photo.

    1. Yess, we started shooting together when it just came to life, love working with them and love the clothes <33
      Thank you! :}}


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