Through the Looking Glass

So here's a rare event - university made me take loads of landscapes this year (which I'm just glad I survived, I actually cried while I was taking some of the pictures). If I can sometimes like landscapes of nature, I just can't deal with urban ones at all, there's just nothing interesting I see here, cities are ugly. 
That being said, I did enjoy this dreamy project (it was actually my last, so I guess by then I just was more in peace with the idea that there's no way around taking the landscapes if I want to pass the year) and just had more fun with it, approaching it in a more similar way to how I shoot my fashion stories and showing it as someone's dream, a hallucination.
I followed Alice and I can't get out.
And now another project, landscapes with a bit more haunting atmosphere taken in Highgate
This was one of the most random scenes I encountered. WHAT IS THAT ANIMAL, anyone? We came to the conclusion that it's a reindeer, since it was around Christmas. Highgate Sociaty is sure an interesting one.


  1. Oh MY! these are so magical! what camera do you use? :)
    really, amazing shots! :)

  2. Wonderfully beautiful pictures!
    Pretty, dreamy colours and atmosphere, so out of time.
    A real pleasure for the eyes.

    1. Thank you, nice to hear you like it. :}

  3. All of these photos are so beautiful, I love the colors and tones to them :)

    Charlotte xx

  4. Hey! So this is so important to me, because I'm often too shy. Did you ask the two men with the strange animal before the photo oder after you have taken the photo?

  5. Oh my god, I'm in love with this pictures. So intense and haunting!


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