lily (of the valley of death)

New editorial out online in Material Girl magazine

Stylist: Nina Blace
Make up: Gailė Juknytė
Model: Ellie Marshall @ Profile models
Big thanks to Gertruda and her housemates who let us shoot in their lovely house and to Miss Patina for the loveliest clothing!

Editorial was inspired by movie The Stoker, everything is so gorgeous in it!



  1. Liked these alot! Some of them have a very Alice in Wonderland-feeling to them. Gorgeous model :)

    1. I didn't think about it, but maybe yes, it has, thanks! Alice in Wonderland is always an inspiration. :}

  2. wow your photos are incredible, you never seize to amaze me! :) I agree to the comment above, this had some dark twist of Alice in it!
    Also, love the clothes from Miss Patina, so pretty!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    1. Thank you, glad you like them! I love Miss Patina so much! <3


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