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So during most of my shoots I don't only shoot with my digital camera (it's definitely my main one), I also take pictures on 35mm film and Polaroid. These were all taken on Canon AE-1.
These first ones are from the shoot inspired by movie The Stoker, with:
Model: Ellie @ Profile models
Stylist: Nina Blace
MUA: Gaile Juknyte
With clothing from Miss Patina and Leftovers Brixton.
I have two blog posts with digital pictures from this shoot: here and here.
Another shoot, this time a collaboration with one of my favorite fashion bloggers - Cosette Munch. Styled and modeled by her.
Main pictures can be seen on my blog here.
Next shoot was done for FUSS magazine in January, featuring gorgeous lingerie by Yelena Buck,
modeled by Lara @ Profile models and make up done by my sister Dovile Tiriute.
Blog post with the main pictures can be seen on my blog here.
And last (for now) was the shoot that was most recently released about two scout girls and appeared in Coco Indie magazine.
Models are: Annie and Gracie @ Profile models
Styling: Naomi Olivia
MUA: Laura Naish
Hair: Suze Smethurst

All the pictures from the shoot are here.


  1. <3 Really love when you're going on with analog :D

    1. Thank you, Camille! I love analog and really try to remember to take more shots on it, but I'm definitely not confident enough to mostly take pictures on film, there just can be too many accidents.. Well but I do like digital too, anyway, and it fits certain shoots better. :}

  2. Replies
    1. Really glad you do, thank you! :}


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