teenage witch

It's a story about a teenage witch, who was so excited by all her new abilities, that she cast too many spells and brought on storms and mists upon her town. She made beauty and love potions and impatiently drank them all without any worry, but her recklessness caused strange mushrooms to grow from her pretty locks.

We did this shoot back in Lithuania, in the beginning of Autumn (or end of summer?), so I'm really back-logged with all the shoots, sorry! I have a part time job and it's been quite busy there past few months...

Editorial came out in Superhero magazine, you can take a look at the feature here.
MUA: Greta Remeikyte
Model: Ruta Vaketaite

Crystal necklaces were kindly lent by Make Heads Turn.  

Some of the images are taken on film with my Canon AE-1

And a few polaroids


  1. I love her hairs color! And it just fits perfectly ☺
    And the pictures are sooo magic, awesome! :))

    1. Thank you, lovely! :}}
      I knooow, I'm still obsessed with pastel hair and it's been awhile since I shot someone who has it, so.. It just was time to do it again. ;D And it was partly what inspired the story anyway, as I thought the colors go nice together.

  2. The shoot's result is great!
    I would say you look more like a pixie, because you are not scary as witches :P
    Love the hair!


    Simplicity is Chic

    1. Thanks! It's not me though, it's a model, I'm the photographer! She does look like a pixie too, but I never thought of witches as actually looking scary, and this is definitely a very cute type of witch!

  3. she looks so cute! and beautiful photos, i love them all! <3

    1. Thank you, she definitely is cute! :}}


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